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~~ What is Goblin? ~~
You're on a journey. You're balancing all the demands of modern life the best you can. At times, you feel overwhelmed by all the things you're trying to keep track of and feel the heavy burden of your to do list.
With Goblin, your to do list is fun and whimsical. You get positive reinforcement, good vibes, and kind words. You celebrate the small wins and savor the progress you've made.
~~ Mission ~~
You'll have 1 main mission at a time. This is your biggest life goal. Your mission shows up on every page in the header in order to stay top of mind. You can associate sidequests with your mission to easily track your progress. Set up more missions to track other goals.
~~ Sidequests ~~
These are the tasks on your "to do" list. The Goblin way is to underplan, schedule tasks that spark joy, and record everything. Earn gems as you complete sidequests so you can level up and discover new treasures.
~~ Daily Mini Games ~~
Each day, play the daily mini game by choosing 1 of 3 doors: behind one door is a prize (like 27 sea snails that you can use to snooze tasks), behind another is a whimsical gif, and behind the third is a mini mad libs game.


Status: In Private Beta

Sep 2022-Dec 2022 | Coding new features and slowly adding beta users from waitlist

Public Beta

January 2023 | Launch for open signups


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