Goblin is a fun, whimsical to do list app (in private beta)

Molly is building Goblin in public via Twitter and the Goblinmode blog.



MVP: What is it now? (currently in private beta)

  • * Answer a quick onboarding form (~4 minutes) so we can get an idea of your priorities, goals, and frustrations.
  • * Get a Hype Goblin that will guide you through your mission each week. Over time, your Hype Goblin will learn more about you and provide you a bespoke productivity experience.
  • * No more bad to do list vibes. No shame, guilt, or anxiety about your mission. If you didn't finish something, do a quick debrief to figure out why (which helps your hype goblin guide you better) and move on.
  • * Set up a mission that includes 2 tasks: 1) an important life admin task, and 2) something that sparks joy or personal growth.
  • * Receive daily support on your tasks and help your hype Goblin learn from your habits.
  • * Level up: as you continue getting things done, you level up and reveal new treasures.

Life Admin Beta: What will it be soon?

  • * Manage one-off tasks, recurring tasks, and complicated projects.
  • * Move everything in your brain into Goblin so you can focus. Your Hype Goblin will learn when you need to go to the dentist, change the oil in your car, and send your best friend a birthday gift.
  • * Start from a project template--a lot of us are working on projects that have been done before. Start from a template (e.g. renovate bathroom, brew batch of beer, venture financing deal, skincare routine, skills glow up), then customize it for your needs with your Hype Goblin (we noticed you don't like calling people, can you delegate this or schedule a visit to your favorite coffee shop after?).
  • * Make progress in your life admin and personal growth goals. Learn more about yourself and learn how you can make progress towards what you really want without feeling overwhelmed or guilty.

Future of Work: What's the long term vision?

  • * Manage your personal admin and work tasks all in one place (and hide them when you need to).
  • * Hype Goblin helps you work with others better. It knows how you work personally and it'll learn how you can work better with others (e.g. talk to designers more, let marketing know earlier when a feature is in QA, communicate better with customers).
  • * Simplify your projects with baked in process management. Make it easy to onboard new folks and teach different departments to get aligned and work together. Processes can be updated as needed (and Goblin will suggest them: "you keep snoozing this bug, do you really need to fix it or should we move it to the ice box?")
  • * Goblin will schedule all your work chores too. If you do it more than once, Goblin will remember for you and prompt you when the time is right.
  • * Level up as a team. You'll get points when you have small wins, learn to communicate better, and get anonymous feedback from teammates so you can do even better next time.